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1. The appearance is rigid and shaped, full metal frame structure, can resist strong collision and vibration;
     the body is light and easy to move. 

2. The installation is simple and convenient, no need to connect another pipe, which is conducive to the
    neatness and beauty of the working space. 

3. Multiple filtration design ensures the removal of harmful substances in smoke and protects human body. 
    The initial effect, medium efficiency and main filter can be replaced separately, extending the service life
    of the main filter. 

4. Built-in air circulation filtration mode, to avoid indoor air-conditioning heating to the outside, the true meaning
    to meet environmental standards. 

5. High-power DC brushless motor, ultra-low noise operation, long working life; eddy flow backward metal wind
    wheel design, high air intake, safe and reliable.

 6. Variable single/double station design, the air volume can be adjusted steplessly; the smoking tube can be
     changed and positioned at will. 

7. Equipped with a seven-layer filtration system. 

Model                          : RW3303

Voltage (V)                  : AC220 V

Power (W)                   : 350

No-load revolutions     : 6500r/min

Flow rate (m3/h)          : 450

Noise                           : <70dB

Body size (mm)           : 405*305*560

Weight                         : 17.5Kg




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